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Vote to Defund OPD this November!

Despite thousands of people calling City Hall or marching in the streets to demand that City Council #defundOPD by 50%, the conservatives on City Council rammed through a secret budget that continues to give almost half of our budget to the cops, sucking up precious resources for housing, parks, jobs, and other vital programs. AGAIN.

But this fight is only beginning. We are building momentum like never before. Join our powerful Defund the Police Coalition! Sign up below to stay involved. And register to vote in November!

Join the Defund Coalition

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Register to Vote

Register to vote in California today! If you don't know your registration status, you can check below. It's important you are registered as a permanent absentee (aka mail-in) voter this year because of Covid-19. 

There will be clear choices in November -- let's vote to DefundOPD! 

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