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Dear Bay Area Community, 


We are your neighbors, representing over 100 community, faith, and labor organizations and small businesses who care deeply about Oakland, and we are inviting you to say their names in remembrance with us: 


George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Tony McDade. 

Rayshard Brooks. Sahleem Tindle. Sean Monterrosa.

Kayla Moore. Steven Taylor. Erik Salgado. Oscar Grant. 


On the streets, in our homes, in the media, the names of murdered Black and Brown people echo, with “Defund Police” and “Defend Black Lives” ringing out in return. 


But school’s out, jobs are scarce, and how are we going to pay our rent next week? For so many of us in this pandemic and recession, the choice is clear: take action to defend Black life and participate in the most transformative social uprising in a generation.


Children in our city deserve lush parks, healthy food, and the education that prepares them to build their dreams. Our teachers, nurses, and bus drivers deserve wages that help their families thrive. Everyone deserves a roof over their heads. Instead, Oakland City Hall prioritizes policing that terrorizes and harms our Black and Brown children and neighborhoods. In fact, right now, the Oakland Police are facing yet another use of force lawsuit for firing tear gas and rubber bullets at youth during the Oakland Tech High School march.


For decades, funding for the Oakland Police has grown to dominate nearly half of our city’s budget, displacing resources from essential programs and vital services for everyday people. And while City Hall will have us believe that there is no alternative, it is clear we have been led astray


We, The People of Oakland, proposed a new deal to City Hall that is specific, concrete, and provides immediate relief and community safety, without cages and guns. Remove $150 million from funding for the Oakland Police. Invest that money into life-affirming programs. This is the Black New Deal, and we need it now


In an appalling move this week, five city council members rammed through an anti-democratic budget proposal from the self-proclaimed “equity caucus,” without prior notice to their council colleagues nor us, their constituents. Their dishonorable budget pours hundreds of millions of dollars into Oakland Police, while cutting funds from Parks, Recreation, and Youth Development, and dismantling Human Services for the unhoused. This so-called “equity budget” will divert less than 1% of funding from policing and does little to further public safety in Oakland. 


Councilmembers Gallo, Reid, Taylor, McElhaney and Kaplan made a choice to stand on the wrong side of history and betray The People of Oakland. 


Full of false promises, each made a mockery of the last four weeks of protests, thousands of direct advocacy calls and emails, police commission recommendations, hundreds of unanimous public comments, and many years of organizations advocating for a city budget that truly invests in Black and Brown futures


But we will not be silenced, and we will not allow democracy to be trumped by a morally vacant City Council incapable of leading the change we need. Our demands will grow louder


Join us in declaring to Oakland City Hall, “Your Time is Up!” and let’s fight for a brighter and more just future, together. 




In solidarity,

The People of Oakland

Mark your calendars!

The City Council will meet July 21st at 1:30 PM. Look back here for more details. 


Anti Police-Terror Project

Community Ready Corps

Black Organizing Project

ACCE Oakland

Ella Baker Center

Faith Alliance for a Moral Economy

Oakland Rising

Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice

Arab Resource Organizing Center

Asian Pacific Environmental Network

Mujeres Unidas Y Activas

Causa Justa :: Just Cause

Center for Story-based Strategy

Bay Rising

Black Youth 4 People's Liberation

1000 Grandmothers for Future Generations

13th Floor Dance Theater

AAPIs for Civic Empowerment

ACLU of Northern California

Addie l. Kogan Psychotherapy 


Alliance of South Asians Taking Action (ASATA)


Bay Area Asylum Support Coalition (BAASC)

Bay Resistance

Bend The Arc: Jewish Action Bay Area

Berkeley Copwatch

Berkeley Free Clinic

Blissful Beasts Pet Services

Blue Heart

Calibrate Kombucha

California Donor Table

California Nurses Association 

CALMA-Collective Action for Laborers, Migrants & Asylum Seekers

Catalyst Project

Center for Cultural Power

Center for Political Education

Center for Tactical Performance 

Ceres Trust

Coalition of Black Trade Unionists-Northern Ca

Codepink Women for Peace

Communist Workers League

Communities for a Better Environment 

Community Democracy Project

Critical Resistance

CWA Local 9415

Design Action Collective

Diablo Rising Tide

Dissecting Whiteness

Do No Harm Coalition

E14 Gallery

East Bay Alliance For A Sustainable Economy

East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative

East Point Peace Academy

Eastlake United for Justice

Everyday Elemental 

Fat Rose Studios 

First Congregational Church of Oakland

Frailty Myths

Friends of the Earth


Gig Workers Rising 

Global Movement Network

Grassroots House 

Greetings, from Queer Mountain

Greg Hodge (still confirming)

Health Justice Commons

ILWU, Juneteenth Committee

Jewish Voice for Peace - Bay Area

Justice Funders

Lead to Life

Love and Justice in the Streets 

Making Change Media

Never Again Action - Bay Area

Nikkei Resisters

Noticed Media LLC

Oakland Climate Action Coalition

Oakland Comedy Festival

Oakland Yard Wine Shop

Oakland Youth Advisory Commissioners 

Offsides Productions

OneLife Institute

Parent Voices - Oakland

Parents United for Public Schools

Pastor Bay Area Christian Connection

Peoples Alliance


Planting Justice 

Public Health Justice Collective

Reem's California

Resource Generation

Restore Oakalnd


Senior and Disability Action

Sierra Club

Sunrise Movement Bay Area

Survival Media Agency 

The Black Bay Area

The Wildfire Project


Together We Stand

Trial By Fire Solutions

United for Respect

University of California, Santa Cruz COLA Strikers

White Noise Collective

Women's Foundation California 

Workers World Party - Bay Area

Youth Speaks

Youth vs Apocalypse 

Priority Africa Network


Pastor Darnell Hammock, New Life Community Church

Dr. George Cummings, Imani Community Church

Pastor Demetrius Edwards, 23rd Avenue Church of God

Pastor Michael McBride, Way Church in Berkeley

Pastor Zach Carey, True Vine Ministries

Pastor Ben McBride

Clarence Thomas

Alicia Garza

Ryan Nicole

Jennifer Johns

Keith Brown

Walter Riley

Dorsey Nunn

Greg Hodge 

AaJahlee-Soleil Long

Addie Kogan

Adrianna Delgadillo

Aiden Zucker

Aitan Mizrahi

Alexandra Kirby

Allie Bach

Allison Kane

Allistair Mallillin

Allyssa Victory

Amber Akemi Piatt, MPH

Andrea Hernández 

Andrea Lee

Angie Sijun Lou

Ann Swinburn

Annie Wang

Anya D

April Newman

April Newman

Atha Davis

B. Yuki Burton

Benjamin Lee

Bernice Shaw

Besan Zidan

Bethsaida Ruiz

Bob Allen 

Brian K. Woodson, Sr.

C. Njoube Dugas

Camille Draculan

Cat Benson

Cecelia Garofoli 

Chelsea Mitchell

Cherri Murphy

Christa Harader

Clarence Thomas

Clarissa Doutherd

Clarissa Rojas

Danielle Sachs

Danny Kaplan

Darien R Acero

Diana Oppenheim 

Domenique Lozano

Dr. Varun Kejriwal Goel

EJ Walls

Elizabeth McGovern

Ellen Smrekar

Emily Art

Emma Craig

Ernesto Jose Arevalo

Eva Silverman

Eve Marilyn Wheatley

Eve Rodlet

Favianna Rodriguez

Finn Black

Gabriela Ornelas

Gavin Raders 

Genaro Rendon

Georgia Hirsty

Georgia Valentine

Gurinder Wadhwa

Hannah Haugenes

Helen Bergstrom

I Wayan Budiana

Inbal Sansani

Isa Garcia

Jack Konevich 

Jack Ryan Mitchell

Janice Von Itter 

Jason Montgomery

Jay Green

Jennifer Harrison

Jennifer Vator

Jennifer Woodruff 

Jeremiah Headen

Jessica Karadi

Jessica Knapp

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica Wynn-Grant

Jordan Cisneros

Josh Healey

Joshua Kahn Russell

Judy Greenspan 

Julia Rhodes Davis

Julie Lagarde 

Kaly Scheller-Barrett

Kameryn L Sanchez

Kasey Sumeriski

Kate O'Hara

Kathleen H. Matz

Kathryn Gilje

Kathryn Kojimoto

Katrina Ortiz 

Katya Schoenberg

Kazu Haga

Keith D. Brown

Kelly Ding

Kenneth Lim

Kevin McDonald

Kiernan Rok

Kim Davis

Kimi Lee

Kimia Pakdaman

Krismin Inocentes

Kristina crawford 

Kristina Miller

Kusum Crimmel

Kyle Kubas

Lacey Johnson

laura wesely

Leah Carlon

Leanne Grossman

Leigh Douglas 

Liz Kelley

Lo Marie

Louise Chegwidden 

Lourdes G Martinez

Ludovic Blain

Mailee Wang

Maren Christensen 

Maria Yates

Marie Arthur Eggebroten 

Marie Stoner

Marisa Mead

Marit Sonstelie

Martha Smith

Mavis Tolbert

Max Airborne

Maya Thornell-Sandifor

Melina Clark

Michael Brune

Michael Eisenscher

Michael Kinomoto

Micheal Foulk

Michelle Pena

Mika Lee

Miya Yoshitani

Mo Corleone

Morgann Nieto 

Nancy Feinstein

Navina Khanna

Nina Pessin-Whedbee

Noreen Jesani

Oona Wong-Danders

Paola Diaz

Penny Rosenwasser

Phoenix Love Armenta

qiyamah hameed

Rachel Gonzales Vernon

Rafael Vincent Botello

Rebecca Novick

Reem Assil

Regan Brashear

Rev. Dr. Liza J. Rankow

Rhea Elina

Rob Thomas

Robert McBride

Rupa Marya, MD

Ryder Diaz


Sam Tunick

Sara Brink

Sarah Lamm

Sarah Roland

Sarah Taylor

SarahPearl Aronow-Werner

Sean Lewandowski

Sejal Babaria

Seth Newton Patel

Sevgi Fernandez 

Shadia Fayne Wood

Shaunna Vella

Shayna Asher-Schapiro

Shikira Porter

Shilpa Bhongir 

Shoshanna Howard

Sierra Warrick

Sonya Mehta

Sophia Bosselmann

Surina Khan

Swati Rayasam

Talya Husbands-Hankin 

Tash Nguyen

Tia Katrina Taruc-Myers

Tova Fry

Tracey King

Tracy Tingle

Viviana Rodriguez-Smith

Vivien Lu

Walter Riley

Wendy Bloom

Zack Deutsch-Gross

Tricia McGillis
Jacqui Ferraiolo
Yousef J Al-Shomaimri
Donna Petraitis
Kendall Allison
Gerald Lenoir
Windsor Taro
Tess Clabby
Sara Brown
Molly Lorenz
Mayra Vega
Penelope Scott
Hope Kamer
Abigail Klinkenberg

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