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Defund OPD is mobilizing community members to attend each City Council member's Public Budget Forum to ask them to commit their support for a detailed, independent, and thorough cost-saving audit of Oakland Police Department spending. The audit will be performed immediately by the City Auditor, and will answer specific questions are listed below.


  • What is the mix of calls / incidents that police are dispatched for?  What does a typical officers typical schedule for a work look like, start to finish?

  • Theoretically, are any of these calls / incidents / tasks such that a civilian employee could handle them?    

  • Practically, is there a city employee or position that this responsibility could be shifted to?

  • Police overtime: what is it for, what tasks are police doing and being paid OT for, what efforts are made to reduce OT, why are part-time officers getting so much OT?

  • Why are there so many PT officers (295 in the 2016 data from

  • Reconcile city / police claims about staffing levels / numbers of officers with data from

  • What categories and amounts are officers getting for “other pay”? Are senior and command officers being “double paid” to train incoming police / getting paid consulting gigs from their employer?

  • What are policies and how is secondary employment monitored? What are policies and best practices, is OPD have policies to prevent impact on performance?

  • What are the different functions of the police (patrol, investigation, dispatched calls, etc.), and what portion of the force is devoted to them?


Councilmembers Noel Gallo, Lynette McElhaney, and Annie Campbell Washington have already committed to supporting such an audit.  

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