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Defund OPD is a subcommittee within the Anti Police-Terror Project (APTP). We began organizing in the wake of the most recent Oakland Police Department "sex" scandal, demanding that the city of Oakland defund the police budget by 50% and reinvest that money in alternative non-police programs that actually improve the well being of our communities.


We believe Oakland police are overpaid and overstaffed.  We also believe that Oakland police are being dispatched to do work that does not require armed and potentially violent intervention (such as towing cars), as well as situations that they are totally unqualified to handle, and often make worse (such as mental health calls).  We want to begin with this low hanging fruit, documenting obvious examples of functions that we don't need or want OPD to be performing, and then trimming them from OPD's mandate and shrinking the police force in proportion to the reduced workload.  As we reduce the police force, we will redirect the millions of dollars that we are saving, using them to fund less expensive solutions that are more effective at meeting the needs of Oakland's communities.


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